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Packing details: 1 inflatable castle, 1 dedicated fan, 4 ground insertions

Purchase Tip: This product is sewed by sewing machine, not fully sealed products, so the product will run out of air along the needle hole and use the continuous air supply of blower to achieve bouncing effect. Therefore, product air leakage and gas escape are normal phenomena, please don't worry.

Applicable places: suitable for family, celebration opening, Department stores, supermarkets, large shopping malls, mother and child supplies stores, 4S stores, sales centers, cafes, restaurants, kindergartens, parks, residential areas, squares, tourist attractions and other places, is a good helper to increase your popularity.

Material workmanship: Oxford cloth with high quality, in line with international standards, materials more wear-resistant, product production using double needle sewing, needle spacing control between 4 mm (can reduce air leakage and increase the tensile strength of sewing parts) product stress uniformity, increase the service life of the product.

Installation of inflatable toys:
1. Spread out the castle, place it on the level and clean ground, lay the floor cloth as far as possible below, and then unfold it.

2. Find the air inlet of the castle, then connect it with the air outlet of the fan and fasten it.

3. Connect the blower to the power supply and fill the castle with air for 1-2 minutes.

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